View Full Version : [ubuntu] Just some things more and its perfect!!!!

June 10th, 2010, 09:15 PM
Well I took the big step and did a clean install in my 20' Imac of 10.04. After i fixed the sound problem I said this is going to be the only os from now on. Then I started to notice some little things that I had to overcome. First, I was not able to log on to my hotmail account. No prob there, I just installed thundrebird and made it my basic mail program (connecting with all my accounts was a breeze!!! No more logging in from microsoft site!)
Second. I cannot upload any pics in facebook, not with chrome nor with firefox. I searched around and found no solution so far...any ideas anyone?? I have the plug in in firefox but it cant do anything (simple loader doesn't do it either), i don't have the plug in loaded at chrome and i don't know how install it (may this will work)

all ideas are welcome!!!
Thanks in advance, Yiannis!