View Full Version : [ubuntu] Keyboard settings resetting to default when plug in external keyboard

June 10th, 2010, 05:13 PM
I have an Inspiron 15n laptop, into which I plug an external ergonomic keyboard whenever possible. it's an older keyboard with a PS2 connector, plugged into a USB/PS2 adapter and thence to the laptop's USB port. I normally boot up with the keyboard already plugged in and have no problems. However, if for some reason I plug the keyboard in after Ubuntu has already started, or if I have to unplug the external keyboard after I've been using it, my keyboard layout resets to the default -- it apparently, judging from behavior, switches from "U.S. International (AltGr Dead Keys)" to the default U.S. keyboard layout. But when I check the keyboard settings, they claim that my layout is still "U.S. International (AltGr Dead Keys)", though the AltGr keys for accented letters etc. are not working. The only ways I've found to fix it have been to either delete my keyboard layout and re-add it, or reboot with the keyboard already plugged in.

Any ideas how to fix that?