View Full Version : [PPC] Flatbed scans poor on a PPC, good on an i686 (Xsane, Epson 1260)

June 9th, 2010, 12:51 AM
Under Ubunutu 9.10 on a PPC G4, an Epson Perfection 1260 flatbed scanner running via Xsane produces a scan that is of the correct size and orientation but that has a dark, green, uneven hue and many black longitudinal lines. No amount of fiddling with Xsane image manipulation parameters produces a usable color, grayscale, or line image. The same scanner, when plugged into an i686 box (AMD Duron, also Ubuntu 9.10 and Xsane) produces nice scans "out of the box". I have never attempted before today to run Xsane on either of these boxes. Why does this scanner not work on a PPC, but works fine on an i686?

Plustek.conf is identical on the two machines. Scanimage -L correctly identifies the scanner on both machines (e.g., "device `plustek:libusb:001:005' is a Epson Perfection 1260/Photo flatbed scanner"). kernel 2.6.31-22 on both machines (-generic and -powerpcc). Xsane 0.996-2 and sane 1.0.20 on both machines.