View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu Lucid updates crashed many programs!!!

Cliff Hanger
June 7th, 2010, 10:01 PM
After making some updates to ubuntu lucid 64 bit, and restartin, many programs like parcellite, dropbox, ubuntu network manager, etc stopped working. Ive tried to reinstall them but it doesnt help, i think it was an update to the x server that caused it, because it also killed my nvidia driver.

Can anyone help me??

If you dont know what it could be, could you tell me how to restore my old x to see if it works??
I dont know if it has to do with it, but the 'special effects' (wobbly windows,etc) arent workin even with my nvidia driver workin well.

Comp. Specs: Sony F Series nvidia g 330m, intel i7, Lucid 64bit