View Full Version : [SOLVED] Attempt, mount, file sys, type swap-failed

June 6th, 2010, 05:13 PM
"The attempt to mount a file system with type swap in SCS14 (0,0,0), partition #5 (sda) at none failed"

The error message is greek to this american.

Ubuntu is latest version I downloaded 3 weeks ago, 10 whatever.

I'm doing a full/Complete as in bye - bye windows install on an HP Pavilion Desktop that came with Vista Home. Or, so I'd hoped.

Using Wubi to install, put in disk, disk said to do complete and full install, restart, which I did, made it past time zone.

Update Mon Jun 7 2010
After searching solutions I saw references to a 64 bit version, I'm a 64 bit dummy and don't really know alot about it but noticed it was on my PC so I down loaded the 64 bit version of ubuntu and it has installed and is up and running.

Right now I can't get it to accept my home wireless router password so I can't check all functions out, once I go thru this ordeal I hope it all works. I did a 100 percent install, erasing windows completely, so it better friggin work! LOL