View Full Version : [ubuntu] Date & Time Embedded in IMA ADPCM?

June 3rd, 2010, 02:42 PM
I have files created in a digital voice recorder (DVR). I downloaded them to the computer via mini-USB cable. These are WAV files in IMA ADPCM format.

The proprietary software included with the DVR shows both the date and time of the download (i.e., of file creation on the computer) and of actual file creation (i.e., of file creation on the recorder, i.e., when I actually pressed the "Record" button).

Neither Windows Explorer nor Nautilus show the date and time of actual file creation. I assume that information must be embedded within the WAVs. I can't find any other program that will display or export that date and time information.

I want that information so that I can rename the files to show their date and time of creation. Any ideas on how I can get that information for a number of files (i.e., without manual entry)?