View Full Version : [Announcement] Ubuntu Samiux Remix

June 3rd, 2010, 06:19 AM
Ubuntu Samiux Remix (USR) [former name is Lambda Linux] is a remastered version of Ubuntu Desktop which is one of the most user-friendly Linux distribution in the world so far. The current USR is a Live DVD which can boot from DVD-ROM and run it without installation. You also can select to install to your hard drive when you wanted to. In addition, you can make a Live USB stick of Ubuntu Samiux Remix by the Live DVD.

USR is 100% same as Ubuntu Desktop but it includes some hacking for the performance and some useful packages as well as plugins for your daily use. USR is in Traditional Chinese by default but you can select English or Simplified Chinese. It is friendly to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan people as well as English speakers.

USR is free for download and re-distribution.

You can download it at here (http://www.debian-inside.com).

The current version is 10.04 r3.3.