View Full Version : [ubuntu] Troubles with an old Compaq's mouse & chipset..?

June 1st, 2010, 05:18 PM
I'm running an old Compaq Presario as one of my a spare notes PC's.. I'm off the Net at my residence because of so many extremely skilled attacks to my Linux and my Windows PC's, designed to silence me from my "greenpeace" kind of noise..
Not a problem.. I've said all I could say all over the Internet to wake this species to some reality.. Now it just needs to simmer in the realms of the sillies and the careless...

It's a pleasure not being Net connected anymore.. No attacks, no insults, no more perpetual reloading hd's...

I've clean loaded several hd's with U-910 in a neighbor's connected tower, but when I install one of these hd's in the Compaq desktop it doesn't see the Logitech marble mouse..? What do I need to code-in to enable the U-910 OS to see this specialty mouse?.. Plus, I get a message that I need to use "force one" to update the PC... What's a "force one" do?.. How do you do a "force one"?..

I tried a Windows 2k install in this old tower.. It needed sound, video, and chipset updates to run W2k.. It a pleasure running a Windows OS without being Net connected.. No one ever gets in, to mess up my work anymore.. Do these audio, video, and chipset updates come with the Ubuntu-910 install?..

How do you get into an Ubuntu hd when it locks up at root password, on boot, when it doesn't accept any password?..
Is this a bug?..