View Full Version : [all variants] Want Simple Picture Editing

June 1st, 2010, 05:51 AM
I'm running 8.04 (10.04 soon) and I've found GIMP daunting for what I want to do. I bought the GIMP book by Peck, but I got lost in the levels, which I'm fairly sure I'd need.

I have two pix and I'd like to cut (copy) the head from one pic, scale it, and paste it at the appropriate place in the other pic. I have looked at F-Spot and have concluded that cropping and red-eye removal are about all I can expect to find there.

I remember reading that the newer Ubuntu no longer supplies GIMP by default but has provided some simpler alternative(s). Having failed to find anything in the fora with picture editing as a search, I am appealing to you all for what may be a trivial answer. Thanks.