View Full Version : [ubuntu] Flakey/no sound in multimedia apps in 10.04

May 31st, 2010, 03:32 AM
I'm having some sound problems in 10.4. I'm using the SPDIF digital audio out.

I can hear the startup sound when the system boots. But other apps (like, mythfrontend, boxee, etc) that play media don't play audio consistently. Sometimes if I set the audio device in myth or boxee to default and then restart the app and set the audio device to IEC958 the audio will work for a bit, but then stop again.

Also, when I have the audio device in boxee set to IEC958 I get the boxee startup sound every time, but no audio or static audio on all video file playback.

No audio on internet content either via flash in you tube, etc.

Here's my alsa information. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Update: It seems I can consistently get audio on startup and I get audio on certain media types. It seems that on certain media types, like watching a DVD or other MPEG2 streams I get an awful load flutter or static sound. But only on certain media types.