View Full Version : [ubuntu] displaying SMI foreign subtitle in movie plyaer

May 31st, 2010, 01:56 AM

I have some movies with Korean subtitles, which the format is 'smi'.

I have VLC.. SMlayer etc but all the players display funny characters..

so I opened the file and it goes like this..



<SYNC Start=127050><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

<SYNC Start=197730><P Class=KRCC>

ȱⱺ û<br>

Ź貲 λ垳ώ

<SYNC Start=203259><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

<SYNC Start=213746><P Class=KRCC>

Ź ɞ<br>

Ȳ ֜ώ

<SYNC Start=219810><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

<SYNC Start=224190><P Class=KRCC>


<SYNC Start=225748><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

<SYNC Start=226259><P Class=KRCC>

ð Ɯώ

<SYNC Start=228227><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

<SYNC Start=228828><P Class=KRCC>


<SYNC Start=230625><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

<SYNC Start=231497><P Class=KRCC>

û DZ 10 ǎ Ԏώ

<SYNC Start=234557><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

<SYNC Start=241040><P Class=KRCC>


<SYNC Start=241870><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

<SYNC Start=246379><P Class=KRCC>


<SYNC Start=247505><P Class=KRCC>&nbsp;

Hm.. so I think there is a problem in Ubuntu recognizing characters.

Well, it works welll in Windows..

i have installed Korean language support and am able to write/read Korean. but why is this happening?

what's the way to fix this problem?


June 1st, 2010, 01:29 AM
VLC works well when movie play fails.

EDIT: You already tried vlc. My apology. Which input method do you use? SCIM or NABI? I have no problem with NABI.