View Full Version : [xubuntu] package help needed

May 28th, 2010, 10:55 PM
hey people
atm iam running a custom build of xubuntu 8.10 called PCUserOs, it was slapped together by an Australian programmer/magazine correspondent. when he did this he had one thing in mind netbooks mostly the MSI Wind U100.

now i believe the new 10.4 supports all the hardware of the wind (wifi card was a pain for me in many distro's including 8.10 every dam update killed it).

there is one app i want to take out so i can use in 10.4, its called CPUGearBox. this programme can not be downloaded and only found in PCUserOs (the app is still under GNU).

the other thing id like to keep a copy of is the wifi card driver just in case 10.4 updates kill like the past 2 releases.

i have extracted the iso to my hdd but iam not sure what i should be looking for any help would be great.

Cheers XL

i know this can be done as i emailed the person who compiled these things and he sent me an email of how and what to do, please note i have emailed again about making copys of these apps for 10.4 but as of yet ive had no response.