View Full Version : [ubuntu] Some issues after installing 10.04

May 28th, 2010, 02:28 PM
I installed 10.04 on my Dell Studio 16 XPS laptop and I`m dual booting with Windows 7. The installation itself went flawlessly, but I`m having a couple of small issues. The first issue is with Compiz, I downloaded and installed the settings manager via the software updater but when I try and activate some of the effects such as water with the default key bindings all it does is dim my screen. I`ve tried using different key bindings, but I get the same result. Effects such as the cube work fine while some others don`t work at all or dim the screen as well. I`m familiar with Compiz as I`ve used it for several months with my desktop and I`m pretty sure I have the settings on properly. The laptop is an i5 with a 1GB ATI 4670 vid card and I have the ATI drivers installed, so it should have no problem running Compiz.
My other issue is with the headphone jacks not working. I downloaded and installed the Alsa Mixer to see if I could resolve it with that, but still no sound through the headphones. The laptop uses Realtek for sound.