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May 28th, 2010, 01:49 PM
I asked questions over at irc,but no definite answer.
so I ifgure I'll ask this,forgive me if i made any mistakes
i am running an old toshiba laptop, i825 and >256 of ram

1.i tried to install lubuntu last month,i got an error "failed due to unknown user id (0)".Why is that happening?
2.I'm running old laptop(as i said) and i wonder if ubuntu is the way to go,even if i dont complete the req.If not the xubuntu might be the sol. right?
3.But I'm wondering if (x)ubuntu would give the same error.
4.If i install ubuntu with xcfe or lxde dekstop,will it lower the resources?If it pars with xubuntu/lubuntu then I think I'll go with that instead....

Help is appreciated :)