View Full Version : Best Named Star System in Spore

May 27th, 2010, 03:39 AM
Some of you here on the forums might be fans of the computer game Spore. Well, I was meandering around the galaxy when I happened upon an interesting system not far from my home world. The name made me do a double take.

It was the Linix star system.

Now, I know Linux is spelled with a "u" but come on, that's pretty close.

I immediately terraformed and colonized both planets and named all of the cities after Linux distributions. On the first planet, I named the cities Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch. On the second, I named them OpenSuSE, Mint, and Slackware. Sadly, both worlds produce only red spice, but then I thought: hey, Red Hat! :D

Here's a screenshot: