View Full Version : [ubuntu] use alternate install CD or rewrite existing 9.10 partition ??

May 26th, 2010, 08:27 PM
i am currently running win XP along with KK 9.10 as a dual boot option.
i would like to upgrade to LL 10.04 through a CD. it seems one needs an alternate install CD for this.
- although i can download this, what if it is corrupted and i get to know this only when i see some installation error during the online upgrade?
- can i use the manual partition option available at the installation stage to overwrite the current partition containing 9.10 ? this way i would be using the fresh install CD to install over my current partition containing 9.10.
are there any problems with such rewriting ?
- what are the pros/cons of upgrading to 10.04 using an alternate install CD on the one hand, and overwriting the curent 9.10 partition with a 10.04 (keeping the same swap space) installation on the other hand ?
thanks !