View Full Version : Volume Keyboard-Shortcuts stick in Lucid Lynx

May 25th, 2010, 12:39 AM
Just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx (amd64), and there is an issue with the volume keyboard-shortcuts. I don't know if this is a Hardware/Laptop issue, or an Installation or other type of problem.

When I type volume-up or volume-down keyboard-shortcut, the volume goes all the way up or down, respectively. After that, it remains stuck in a loop, repeatedly flashing the current-volume in a popup/"toast-message". This steals the focus from both the keyboard and mouse, and my only option is to reboot the machine.

Please and thank you for any help.

May 31st, 2010, 01:03 PM
same problem here
ubuntu 10.04
gateway c120x tablet