View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cd or dvd label printers question

May 24th, 2010, 11:41 PM
I'm looking to burn and label a small volume of CDs. I'd like to print directly to CDs label information. Color graphics would be appreciated, but even Black and White would be preferable to printing stick on labels to apply. I can go the stick on labels route, but I would much rather not.

So far the only consumer grade printers I've seen all look very nice if I have Windows or certain versions of MacOS. Many are not even listed as doorstops on the OpenPrinter list. Not really interested in setting up even a VM to print from Windows, much less spend money on a hardware solution with a company that isn't interested in me as part of their market.

That sort of defines what I"m looking for. I'm actually OK with spending between $100 and $200 on a single purpose printer, but for the volumes I'm planning on printing, that's about the limit. More than that, and I might just as well get a commercial printer to screen print the labels for me.

Is anyone aware of hardware to print directly onto CDs that is supported in Ubuntu? I would be happier if it worked directly with GLabels, I somewhat like the idea of dropping an image and adding some text and just printing to the right device. but I would even consider an OpenOffice.org solution if someone knows of that.

Thank you.