View Full Version : [ubuntu] Theme problem

May 24th, 2010, 10:26 PM
I've been having tis issue for a week or so on my laptop, and it's getting annoying now.
I've searched, and found one fix that works until I log off.

Running 10.04,
Laptop is an Acer 5315, 2.0GHz Celeron, intel graphics, 2GM RAM and 400GB HDD, works fine really.

I've never changed from the default "Ambiance" theme as I like it
when I boot, the theme is the deafult light grey, very plain looking one. Nautilus (I believe that's the window buttons stufs etc) also has that look.
When I click System>Preference>Appearance it all starts to change to Ambiance. Except for the window controls, they stay looking rubbish.

If I do the fix I found it works for the session, but is lost when I restart.

The temp fix is here: