View Full Version : [ubuntu] Evolution toolbars not looking right after update

May 22nd, 2010, 03:43 PM
Hi, after an update last week evolution looks different, the toolbars and buttons are now huge, maybe its a theme/gtkrc issue that needs to be resolved but its the same no matter what theme i use, default themes, custom themes, same behaviour on them all, nautilus and every other program is fine just evolution has the problem. Anyone else experienced this or understand what the problem is, or how to sort it out?

Also since the update i can no longer send mail directly from the indicator-applet, i can choose "compose new message" and write the new message but when i click send it does not send the message anymore like it used to, instead it leaves the message in my outbox so i have to fully open evolution to send the message, which is pretty much defeating the whole point of having the option in the menu. Any setting i need to change? or any ideas? Thanks and any help appreciated!

Ive attached a screenshot of evolution with big toolbars and buttons and one of nautilus with my normal toolbars and buttons.