View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can't activate Visual Effects when acpi=off

May 22nd, 2010, 06:56 AM
Hi! I'm new to Ubuntu, and I've heard wonders about it. Until now (and after solving my freezing problem), I'm happy with Ubuntu. But I have a problem:

First, when checking Ubuntu from the LiveCD after a few minutes of use, it hanged up and respond to nothing. After getting upset, with a huge wish to kill developers, I tried to play with Boot Options. And the very first one (acpi=off) worked. Ubuntu showed me it's magic.

However, the super nice effects couldn't be activated. I tried to activate them in the Visual Effects tab in Appearence with no luck. When I click any of the two options, it tries to search for drivers and then it quits it and tells me "Effects culdn't be activated" (I'm translating from Spanish, so probably these aren't the same strings).

BUT, when I didn't use acpi=off boot option, Ubuntu worked like a charm with the Extra visual effects fully working. I was even able to cycle through the four default desktops nicely, and see the Wubble effect on the windows. But, as I said, few minutes later it freezes.

I installed with acpi=off boot option and, after installation, I figured out how to set acpi=off boot option as default (by changing GRUB options though). Only that way I'm able to use Ubuntu.

Hope you can help, thanks in advance.

P.S: I thought about killing Ubuntu developers, but that was only for a couple of minutes until I fixed the hang up problem. In fact, now I love them.