View Full Version : [ubuntu] which updates to download ?

May 21st, 2010, 11:12 AM
hi there,

till now i have simply downloaded most updates sent out by ubuntu.

however, with some experience i have started ignoring some e.g. since i don't use pidgin i uncheck any files that come with that name.

first, is this ok ? or does one need to download all updates whether relevant (for my purposes) or not ?

second. since i am not an expert i feel pretty unsure with most of the update files i see available for download. weird names such as those associated with ' xserver ' , numerous ' libs ' etc etc.

to be on the safe side i have thus been downloading nearly all of the updates. from my Windows XP experience i know e.g. that library files are useful and so i get all of these. i leave out games related files.

but how to figure out which of the major update files with those complicated names are useful for me and which are not ?

thanks !