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May 21st, 2010, 02:45 AM
I'm guessing 10.04 will not even install on a machine with 128 MB of RAM will it? It starts from the CD and when it starts to show the dialog asking if you want to install it or try it, it hangs. I can still move the mouse, but nothing ever actually gets drawn in the dialog box. Here's the story.

A friend of mine has a disabled son who just uses this computer for surfing facebook, listening to music, etc. Problem is, this thing is an ancient Gateway desktop. It has a Windows XP sticker on it(which is what it's currently running), but the thing doesn't even have an integrated network card. I'm trying to throw Ubuntu on it because apparently the original problem was that it was infested with viruses. Since all he does is surf the web I was just going to install all the usual plugins and set up a nice looking Ubuntu desktop, but I can't get to "install" button. This thing's got a 1 Ghz Pentium 3 processor and 128 MB of RAM. Not top of the line by any means, but for a kid who just wants to surf the web and watch youtube videos it should be more than efficient right?

May 21st, 2010, 03:03 AM
if nothing else try Xubuntu,Puppy,WattOS for low ram machines,i have an acer 3620 running the latest version of WattOS myself

May 21st, 2010, 04:00 AM
Try Debian with a xfce deskstop. On the net install choose xfce. I have an install like that and it seems just like the same thing in Ubuntu but uses a third of the ram. It should work with 128Mb.

May 21st, 2010, 04:22 AM
Lubuntu might be of use to you.