View Full Version : [ubuntu] config. grub-pc

May 20th, 2010, 08:18 PM
i just install latest ubuntu using wubi, then did updates, not after 10 minutes still waiting for grub-pc to finish configuring. how long does it take!?


Up Date: PC shut down and I restarted, restarted Ubuntu, using it right now, seemed OK until I tried to down load chromium browser and got this message,

"The installation could have failed because of an error in the corresponding software package or it was cancelled in an unfriendly way. You have to repair this before you can install or remove any further software."

Sooo, what do I do now, you'll hate me as I'm new to Ubuntu/Linux, a complete virgin!

regrads, piedmont

Up Date: tooo easy, i worked through and found by going back to update manager i reran the updates, even though it still seems there is some sort of isse with grub, (it asked me do it? yes or no, couldn't select yes so i selected no,) now i can and have downloaded chromium, but still wondering about grub!!

regards, piedmont