View Full Version : [ubuntu] Display of GRUB takes lot of time

May 20th, 2010, 01:22 PM
Dear Ubuntu Geeks,
I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my PC ie AMD Athlon x64 with 15 GB for \ partition and 2 gb for Swap Space,with 1.2 GB of RAM,but after the successful installation its not displaying the GRUB immediately, taking 90-270 seconds to display? What might be the reason.?

I have windows XP on my pc,even for booting into Win XP, one needs the GRUB display, its taking almost 90-180 Seconds to display the GRUB(sometimes more than that).

But this thing never used to happen in previous versions of Ubuntu? Why only for this specific Ubuntu 9.10?

Kindly give me some alternative option to reduce the GRUB Display timings.

Thanks & Regards,