View Full Version : [ubuntu] Create an exam environment in ubuntu (9.10)

May 20th, 2010, 07:47 AM

I'm in charge of ICT at some primary and secondary schools, and we're getting close to spring exams. Earlier, we've had a very simple, and unsecure, way of using computers for the exams. I'd like to make it a bit better now.

The premises are:

* The pupils will produce a written paper at the end of the exam. No publishing on the internet.
* The pupils should have access to spreadsheet and writer software.
* In case of computer crash/power loss, the pupil should be able to recover his or her work.
* On the maths exam, pupils will share computers to make just diagrams and print them out. There has been reported that the printout box in calc remembers options from last session (when another pupil was logged in on the same PC), so cups/OOo has to be configured in such a way that print options aren't preserved.

So what is the easiest/best way of configuring this on a number of PCs? The PCs are normally set up with LDAP and roaming profiles (that is home directory on an NFS export). All the PCs also have one local profile set up which I think might be convenient to use here (I don't trust the NFS/LDAP setup on wireless, it's often too slow).

I'm grateful for any ideas.

Lars Erik