View Full Version : [ubuntu] Permanently delete gnome panels from one monitor in dual-head setup

May 19th, 2010, 09:00 PM
I have a dual-head setup (nVidia) with one monitor rotated 90 degrees. I use the portrait-oriented monitor (X screen 1) almost exclusively for reading A4/letter PDF and PostScript files, and the landscape-oriented monitor (X screen 0) as my regular desktop. I want to permanently delete the Gnome panels from the portrait-oriented screen. I do not use Compiz.

The panels on screen 1 (portrait, for reading) are immortal vampires. I can delete them for a session, but they rise from the dead when I log in. Under Karmic, that was a minor irritation (a couple of clicks after logging in), but now, after “upgrading” to Lucid, not only do the panels resurrect as before, but the panels on screen 0 (landscape, desktop) have *two* of all of the panel applets that were present when I last logged out! It has gone from a minor irritation to an intolerable PITA.

I've tried everything — editing stuff in gconf-editor, deleting stuff in ~/.gconf and ~/.gnome2, etc., and nothing seems to work satisfactorily.

Anyone know how I can drive a stake through the hearts of the Gnome panels on screen 1 and not have the ones on screen 0 double-up on the applets?