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May 15th, 2010, 11:28 AM
OK, tried going to bed but, just as I was falling asleep, I had a "brain spasm" about Ubuntu, etc., and had to get back up and see what I could find out. (Keep in mind I do a lot on the computer as a user but not in programming. I'm a bottom line novice in this area.)

I have a Toshiba Satellite 305 w/250GB hard drive. Currently doing dual boot with Vista and 10.04 Lucid. Have tried a bunch of different programs but have been unable to work with my Canon printer/scanner, my Magellan Explorist GPS, my Sony Ericsson W760i cell phone, or work with several programs using WINE. Tried VBox but it declared the XP I was working with as a ripped off version, despite it being from Micro, so problems there. This is where the "brain spasm" came in. Also, I don't have the cd of Vista because it came installed w/o the cd. I did make a set of "restore" cd's for the "just in case" use.

I did the torrent download of the 10.04 (using an upgrade thru Update Manager currently) so I have that available on cd. Haven't done the MD5SUM check on it yet and probably need to do that to make sure everything is there. Now, for the questions:

1. Would it be workable to do a format of the entire drive then divide it into 2 drives (c & d) then install Ubuntu, by itself on drive c and use the discs that I made and do a total restore of the Vista stuff on drive d? As I recall I should be able to bounce back and forth between the 2 drives, if needed, when I have to get something done with stuff that is only windows compatible, without the whole rebooting routine. Or does that just work for one OS or the other. Would it not work if bouncing from Ubuntu on drive C to Vista on drive D without rebooting?

2. If doing a c & d drive is not workable, would it be possible to do the "restore" of all of the windows stuff in the VBox, or would that conflict with Ubuntu and make both non-workable? I guess what I'm looking at here is the potential that Vista would "step outside" of the VBox and "take back" the drive.

3. I tried earlier to use VBox but could not install anything in it after I got the XP installed. Problem may have been because it was called a bogus edition by Micro. It worked fine, after all of the updates, when I installed it on a computer I gave to my Grandson. Wonder if the conflict is related to VBox? Also, seemed to have a problem "connecting" to the cd/dvd drive. (read somewhere there is a selection you have to make to get the VBox to recognize the cd, but don't remember where that was.)

EDIT INFO: Just woke up. Remembered that while working with VBox one of the problems I had when trying to install programs under XP. Following clicking on the startup.exe, or install.exe, of the program I was trying to install, it would state it was unable to continue because it could not locate the necessary .zip file, or could not open the necessary .zip file. Happened several times. One that stands out is the MapSend Topo 3d for Magellan. It would load about 8% then flash an unable to continue error box. Could this be a "not compatible" with Linux problem even in VBox?

I tried GMobileMedia and Wammu for the SE cell phone but they never recognized it as being plugged in to the usb. Tried TangoGPS but never got anywhere with the Magellan. I "tinkered" with Kompozer, but don't want to have to do a total rebuild of my business site that was built using Serif. Maybe I could use that thru VBox if I can figure out how to add programs. (Will need help there too.)

Sorry about the length just want to make sure it is understandable when read by others. I'll save the addresses on any suggested links,threads and will probably print out tips to keep them handy.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.

Now, since it's 3:25 AM, maybe I can get a few hours sleep and see if there are any suggestions, besides driving off a cliff somewhere, that make it work better.

Thanks for any help.](*,)

FINAL EDIT: Spent the last 5 days looking for answers to the above problems, but found no answers. Spent the last 12 hours focusing on everything I could find regarding the Sony Ericsson W760i and getting it connected so I can do data connect when I'm not in the "neighborhood" of a wi-fi system. No answers there.

I really like the Ubuntu format but it looks like, for now at least, I must return to Windough$ to keep everything fully operational. I'll keep an eye on Ubuntu and see if anyone comes up with answers to the using of the SE cell phone, Magellan GPS, Canon printer/scanners and others, and several other issues. Great system that I really prefer but just can't stay with.

Thanks for all of the previous assists.