View Full Version : [ubuntu] update-manager fetching new files everytime I check for new updates.

May 12th, 2010, 08:20 PM
I hope I can explain this the best way possible so u can understand my idea and observations.

Everything I'm talking about here is based on my "personal" observations:

When I used ubuntu 9.10 and up to a certain time of using ubuntu 10.04, when I opened update-manager and clicked check (of course to check for new updates), the updater used to append changes done to definition files to older ones. in other words, there's the multiverse packages files that are 1.3 MB and 5.5MB, if something is changed in those, it would just only modify only those changed by adding like 500KB of data and such. it never fetched new files all over again..

NOW, After getting a new updated sources.list file, everytime i click check, it gets new files of 5.5 MBs and 1.3 MB all over again everytime I check for new updates, which is weird. I never noticed fetching the new files all over again b4 this..

the problem is sometimes the connection is slow to wait (yes we have a slow connection here compared to other countries) and my account is limited, so I dont like it being drained if I dont have to..

Were my observation true? any one noticed the same thing? any fix for that? I appreciate ur feedback..