View Full Version : [ubuntu] printer problems in 10.04

May 10th, 2010, 06:17 PM
I just upgraded to 10.04. Now it (literally) takes 30 minutes for my printer (a Samsung ML-2250) to stop flashing its dumb light and print. Help!

I solved this myself. It was easy! I just bought a new hd, installed 9.04 on it and voici! everything is just fine. Sure, it was a bit of work and there's a little more to do, but it sure beats the frustration I had with 10.04.

My advice? Don't be smug as I was: "sure, I'll upgrade, this is Linux, (not Windoze) what can go wrong?" Ahem. Maybe they'll fix these problems, but judging from the fact that nobody posted a solution, it's going to be quite awhile.

As for upgrades: how about a new scheme for doing it, such as: when you install an upgrade, the install determines if there is enough room to duplicate your present install on your hd. If there is, it would do so,(dual boot) upgrading the duplicate while leaving your original install intact. This way if there were problems, you could jump back to your original system while waiting for the bugs to be fixed. (if there wasn't enough room it would allow you to plug in another hd, or do the standard "el destructo" overwrite.

So, folks, what do you think of that idea?