View Full Version : [ubuntu] Questions about Ubuntu, Apache and Virtual Hosting

May 10th, 2010, 01:38 PM
I am trying without success to setup virtual hosting of 2 websites 1. www.wilmingtoncoc.com (http://www.wilmingtoncoc.com) I want to put content on that one using WordPress. Then another site www.mikealrhughes.com (http://www.mikealrhughes.com). I want to put content on it with using ftp through Dreamweaver. This site is already working under another hosting service. Just going to put the same files that are their on my hosting.
I started out by putting Ubuntu Desktop on thinking I could have a graphic interface to work with. Then I installed lamp server from there. I have tried to install proftpd and webmin and WordPress. None of it works. I went to godaddy where, my domain is registered and forwarded the wilmingtoncoc.com over to my public IP. Not sure if that is the right way or not. I believe at some point I am going to have to get some type of DNS service so when comcast changes my IP address the sites will come along.
Do I need to start over again and is there a step by step I can do to get it going like I want? Like example conf files to set up like I want it to run. Would it be best for me to get a Turnkey iso and then make changes from there. Can anybody give me their order of what they do when installing a Linux server? Also I understand the turnkey files are for Ubuntu 8 something. How will I upgrade everything to 10.04 and Apache 2.2 if I do put on the Turnkey iso?

Any help appreciated.


I forgot, eventually in the above mix I want to add a mailman installation to host my mailing list I have on the Internet as well. Ideas on setup appreciated.