View Full Version : [ubuntu] DUAL BOOT Problem - Solution

May 9th, 2010, 11:37 PM
As a longterm user of Ubuntu I am dismayed that, despite clear indications of a serious error in the installation and upgrade of the latest release, it is still possible to download (or have upgraded) a version that causes serious problems for those people who dual boot i.e., you cannot dual boot. I have looked and not found a sensible/workable solution. Everything else is just HELP and similar.

Could someone from Ubuntu do something about this please?

1. Stop the d/l and upgrade options.

2. Give us, the users, an clear indication that this is fixed/being fixed.

Remember that there are both experienced and total newbies who are relying upon you to clearly show that you are able to help because there are many people sweating over this problem.

In particular there are many who do NOT have boot discs for their OS (my Acer recovery partition never worked for burning a CD) and need a solution from YOU.... ASAP.