View Full Version : [ubuntu] System freezes after a while in games

Zireth ZH
May 9th, 2010, 08:10 AM
Hi all.. I didnt know where to put this thread, so im sorry if this wasnt the right place...

I had Ubuntu 9.10 .. upgraded to 10.04 LTS... i dunno if its the ati driver or what but when im on wine the games runs fine for a couple of minutes.. 5 to 10 maybe and then the whole system freezes.. cant close cant do anything... the mouse moves though .. and the sound keeps looping, thats if i use OGG on wine insted of ALSA...

This looks like it should be on the wine segment but i dont think so... I mentioned wine cuz ATM wine is all i got on this pc as for games.... im downloading urban terror to see if it freezes too...

I remember that right after i finished installing ubuntu 9.10 i upgraded it right away to 10.04 without having the ati drivers installed, after the installation finished... the boot up logo from ubuntu with purple background was at its normal size as usual... But once i installed the drivers.. the ubuntu boot up logo or whatever its called went all BIG like if it was using another resolution, though once it finishes loading, the resolution goes back to normal when in login screen and desktop.

Im tired of restarting manually everytime i run the games.. any advice?

HOw do i remove the drivers completely? do i have to restart after removing them so i can install new drivers? should i use propietary drivers from amd site or the one found by system--- hardware drivers??? why cant i find envy at synaptics???

Zireth ZH
May 9th, 2010, 08:28 AM