View Full Version : [ubuntu] upsplash after upgrade to 10.04

May 8th, 2010, 07:33 PM
Having upgraded to 10.04 seemingly without any problems as everything looks to be working so far. The only strange thing I have noticed so far is the new startup upsplash.

After the BIOS startup I get approx, 25 seconds of blank screen then the new upsplash which is a multicoloured and very indistinct UBUNTU with what looks like DVD/CD control symbols below. After this I get the new purple Ubuntu screen and then the login screen. Total time approx.46 seconds. I also get the same indistinct UBUNTU when closing down.

Is this the correct startup sequence for 10.04 and is any else seeing this strange multicoloured indistict UBUNTU screen. Is it my system/config at fault or is this the norm ?

May 9th, 2010, 03:51 AM
not sure if this is your problem, but may be