View Full Version : [ubuntu] This morning's upgrade crashed system

May 8th, 2010, 09:21 AM
I had a perfectly good working Ubuntu 10.04 system. This morning, the upgrade installer notified me that there were updates for my system. I selected to install all the upgrades. The upgrade package installer told me that all upgrades had been installed but that the system needed to be rebooted to complete the installation. I restarted the system. On reboot, when I selected Ubuntu from the Windows 7 boot loader, the first line of grub appeared and then the system spontaneously resets. I have not been able to get back into Ubuntu again. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could allow a system upgrade to be downloaded that would completely crash and render useless a perfectly good working system! Has anyone else had this happen to them? Is there a fix or is all of my work lost?