View Full Version : [ubuntu] list of slight issues with 10.04 LTS

May 7th, 2010, 04:06 AM
startup crashes from time to time
sometimes says "could not find" then it cuts off i dont know what the file is.
when i login it says something about my power manager running and requests to "logout anyway".
im a little confused about this.
any ideas?
btw im a bit of a n00b with lnux.
only been running karmic since march.
sorry for any questions u may consider "stupid"
but if ive learned anything thus far, its that are far more dumb people than dumb questions.

using Dell Inspiron E1505
Intel Core Duo
2g RAM
[inb4 "well theres ur problem right there"]
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS [obviously]

any suggestions at all would be wonderful