View Full Version : [ubuntu] lynx won't run from live cd or installation

May 7th, 2010, 03:48 AM
Lucid Lynx won't boot my laptop. As it loads I get a message
"wbsd unable to assign resources". Then the splash screen comes up momentarily and the screen goes blank. This happens
a. when I did a cdromupgrade from the 10.4 alternate disk
b. when I did a full install from the alternate disk
c. when I tried the live cd ( the 10.4 desktop disk)

Koala (9.10) was running fine before I trashed it with (b) above.I am now running from the 8.04 LTS desktop disk, which also works fine. Can anyone suggest what might be going on?

This is an older laptop manufactured by MDG (Canada) with a Pentium (R) M processor and 486.4 MiB

I plan to get a 9.10 desktop disk and reinstall from that, but I'd sure like to know what is the problem with 10.4.

thanks for any help