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May 5th, 2010, 04:14 PM
je pense que plusieurs dans le groupe, nous avons installle, teste, utlise ubuntu 10.04.
i suppose many of us have installed, tested, used unbuntu 10.04.

we should share these experiences and help us each other to try to solve the problems of the release 10.04 solutions. this forum could be the right place

partageons donc nos experiences et aidons-nous pour essayer de solutionner les problemes de la release 10.04. ce forum me semble l'edroit ideal

Installation ubuntu 10.04

netbook acer aspire1

installation with cd desktop 32 bits (downloaded the night after the release day)

first try and after install direct from graphic

begin installation without internet

time what info

10:44:43 AM begin
10:50:30 AM Partitioning finish More and less 6 minutes
11:07:19 AM end No problem now restart

Restart : no problem

so installation take ~25 minutes, with internet it takes longer, it makes the update

internet connection:

* wired: just connect the cable
* wireless: if an accesspoint present, click on icon connection and create new connection (hidden) I had to choose hidden the other does not accept no key

fazit: ok


as I made the installation without internet I was wondering, what it has in the source list, it take the address of the timezone you choose, so no problem

fazit : ok


* rythmbox it say mp3 I not install I click install and it has done it (what it install I don't know, I don't like it it is like window one click and it works or not but we don't know what it is doing) music is coming it was not like this in another installation with internet!
* Record: it is recording it was not like the installation on anather machine with internet connection


* youtube it fails plugin click on install adobe (I test the other on another machine only adobe is working)
* i install cheese to test it: it works, but no sound?

careful: i read that applications are nomore going after upgrade the system

i hope i can read other expreriences here