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May 5th, 2010, 09:18 AM

Sorry for the traduction !

I wanted to introduce a new version Voyager Live CD/DVD 10.04 based on Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx LTS". (799 mo)

http://pix.louiz.org/upload/img/1272348197.jpg (http://pix.louiz.org/?img=1272348197.jpg)

http://pix.louiz.org/upload/img/1272348240.jpg (http://pix.louiz.org/?img=1272348240.jpg)

http://pix.louiz.org/upload/img/1272354819.jpg (http://pix.louiz.org/?img=1272354819.jpg)

Icon theme and wallpaper have been redesigned. Music ... mice have been changed. The interest of the live CD installable on Voyager drive as a "Ubuntu", is the establishment of Cairo-dock-nautilus style Elementary. A comprehensive tweak configure nautilus to the extreme, the nagivateur file. Globalmenu based Mac and Gnome-do, the more the system including 2 Screenlets default, scripts that facilitate life on the internet as Avconvert ... Firefox 3.6.3 and plugins such as Adblock Plus, VLC 1.6 Goldeneye with your internet access by TV, Ubuntu Tweak Déjà Dup-for backup, firewall with Gufw, pitivi for small film editing, BleachBit cleaner complete cryptkeeper to encrypt your files, as everything you need codecs to play DVDs, video and sound. Furthermore, a pulse equalizer and audio volume control applet differential pulse audio. Gthumb in Gimp and another for the image and RawTherapee, a complete software to work the photo in RAW. Cheese for the webcam, and lots of other software with all the official repositories of Ubuntu ... Finally the search for a certain aesthetic in the 3D environment of compiz. More news, all deposits alien present to activate the so-preview of gloobus Thumbnailer and Cover for CD covers on file. Imdb-thumbnail for (video jackets) has been installed and is configured as shown. A screen dynamics of the earth and its position to be activated in at startup. Plus lots of new wallpapers. For Plymouth, nothing has changed except the logos because the system is still new. The whole content in 799 mb. Always with the same philosophy: simplicity, reliability and platform.

Link Blog (http://cine9.free.fr/index.php/live-cd-voyager-10-04/)

Download (http://www.freetorrent.fr/download.php?id=d9929f301e9333243e41658698e1faf810 6bb817&f=Live%20CD%2FDVD%20Voyager%2010.04.torrent)

Thank you for your attention