View Full Version : [SOLVED] 10.04 broke xbmc suspend/resume

May 4th, 2010, 09:10 PM
My XBMC setup was working fine on karmic, I installed using the instructions from the XBMCubuntu wiki.
I have since upgraded to Lucid, I compiled a new version of XBMC from subversion because the latest version uses org.freedesktop.UPower inplace of devicekit.

However, now if I choose to suspend from XBMC, I get an error in the xbmc.log (UPower: general error - not authorized!) If I switch away from the XBMC screen (using ctl-alt-f2 to get to a tty), I can manually use a dbus-send command to put the machine to sleep/suspend.

Since the suspend works from the console I doubt very much that there is an issue with permission. I have fixed the /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf file to include my username...

XBMC for me runs on Athlon L1640, NV 240GT card, Ubuntu server edition, 64 bit.

I had to install lucid package udisks on my machine manually to get shutdown/reboot to work from the XBMC menu. I have a feeling that under X11 UPower/dbus is expecting different permissions from the program than on the console.. Any suggestions would help.


May 7th, 2010, 06:13 AM
I noticed that the .xession-errors file in my home directory is not being updated. I cannot believe that this changed on Lucid. What is a good reason for the xession-errors file not to be written?

May 7th, 2010, 07:29 AM
Ok. Finally a good suggestion from someone on the xbmc forums.
Here is what I did :

changed call to xbmc to :
xinit /usr/bin/ck-launch-session /usr/local/bin/xbmc-standalone

A related problem was that the autostart=xbmc line in the grub was not working on lucid (probably because of grub2?), Fixed that problem by changing
/etc/init/tty1 to login to user xbmc directly. Then in xbmc user .bashrc file, fired up xbmc... sweet.. On reboot machine starts up xbmc..

suspend/resume is much slower on lucid for whatever reason. I am also not sure why console kit was not automatically launched by the Xsession.. but whatever. now works.