View Full Version : [ubuntu] Please help with display screen resolution settings (cannot set to 1200 X 800)

May 4th, 2010, 12:52 PM
I have installed Ubuntu 10.4 on Virtual Box, i have installed it successfully, the only problem is when i check the display settings it only have 2 options : 600 X 400 and 800 X 600

and this makes it difficult to work on Ubuntu as 800 X 600 is half the size of my desktop

Please guide me how i can increase / configure the display settings so that atleast i can fit ubuntu screen into my screen size.

I did install the addition application, restarted the OS but still i don't see any display resolution 1200 X 800, tried pressing ctrl+D nothing happens, after installing i saw it updated mouse cursor now i don't have to press ctrl key again n again to enter into the ubuntu OS but still struggling with the resolution as it's too small, please guide me (here is the screen shot of my screen after installing the addition app)


May 10th, 2010, 09:43 PM
Please HELP, it's been more than a week no one replied on this thread...Please guide me in a right direction

May 10th, 2010, 11:19 PM
Have you installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions? Just making sure, since I don't know what additional applications are. If you have, apparently something didn't quite work there. I just finished installing Lucid in Vbox, added guest additions, and the resolution changing works fine. Try reinstalling the guest additions, also, check the log - /var/log/vboxadd-install.log.