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May 4th, 2010, 03:15 AM
This isn't really an urgent issue but I'm trying to learn to make better Makefiles and I've run into an issue and I have no idea why it's happening. I have the following makefile:

CC = gcc
CFLAGS = -Wall -g -std=gnu99 -lpthread

.PHONY: all clean

all: tests

tests: timerQueue.o test1.c test2.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o test1 test1.c timerQueue.o
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o test2 test2.c timerQueue.o

test1: tests
echo "Running test 1...\nEnd with ctrl-c"

timerQueue.o: timerQueue.c timerQueue.h
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c -o timerQueue.o timerQueue.c

@rm -f *.o test1 test2 *~

Now the 'problem' is that every time I run make, it remakes the tests even if nothing changed. I'm trying to understand why this is happening since the dependencies clearly don't change. any ideas?

May 4th, 2010, 09:36 AM
It would seem from the Makefile you posted that you have an indentation problem within the rule-statements. But other than that, consider simplifying the Makefile to something like:

APP1 = test1
APP2 = test2

SRCS1 = test1.c timerQueue.c
SRCS2 = test2.c timerQueue.c

OBJS1 = $(SRCS1:.c=.o)
OBJS2 = $(SRCS2:.c=.o)

CFLAGS = -g -Wall -std=gnu99
LIBS = -lpthread

.PHONY: all clean

all: $(APP1) $(APP2)

$(APP1) : $(OBJS1)
$(CC) $^ $(LIBS) -o $@

$(APP2) : $(OBJS2)
$(CC) $^ $(LIBS) -o $@

@$(RM) $(OBJS1) $(APP1)
@$(RM) $(OBJS2) $(APP2)

Alternatively, you could use a Makefile like this where you specify the version you wish to make by specifying the VER(SION) to make:

# Adjust VER from the command line to adjust the default
VER = 1

APP = test$(VER)

SRCS = test$(VER).c timerQueue.c

OBJS = $(SRCS:.c=.o)

CFLAGS = -g -Wall -std=gnu99
LIBS = -lpthread

.PHONY: all clean

all: $(APP)

$(APP) : $(OBJS)
$(CC) $^ $(LIBS) -o $@

@$(RM) $(OBJS) $(APP)


make # This compiles test1.c and produces test1
make VER=2 # This compiles test2.c and produces test2

In either case, neither of the Makefiles above have real dependency checking. For that, your Makefile will need a few more rules. Try to adapt the following Makefile to your needs to obtain the dependency feature:

APP = myapp

OBJDIR = .srcobjs

SRCS := $(shell find . -name '*.cpp')
SRCDIRS := $(shell find . -name '*.cpp' -exec dirname {} \; | uniq)
OBJS := $(patsubst %.cpp,$(OBJDIR)/%.o,$(SRCS))
DEPS := $(patsubst %.cpp,$(OBJDIR)/%.d,$(SRCS))

INCLUDES = -I./Include
CPPFLAGS = -Wall -pedantic -ansi -c $(INCLUDES)

SHELL = /bin/bash

.PHONY: all clean distclean

all: buildrepo $(APP)

$(APP) : $(OBJS)
@echo "Building $@..."
@$(CXX) $^ $(LDFLAGS) -o $@

$(OBJDIR)/%.o: %.cpp
@echo "Generating dependencies for $<..."
@$(call make-depend, $<, $@, $(subst .o,.d,$@))
@echo "Compiling $<..."
@$(CXX) $(CPPFLAGS) $< -o $@

$(RM) -r $(OBJDIR)

distclean: clean
$(RM) $(APP)

@$(call make-repo)

define make-repo
for dir in $(SRCDIRS); \
do \
mkdir -p $(OBJDIR)/$$dir; \

# usage: $(call make-depend, SourceFile, ObjectFile, DependFile)
define make-depend
$(CXX) -MM -MF $3 -MP -MT $2 $(CPPFLAGS) $1

ifneq "$(MAKECMDGOALS)" "distclean"
ifneq "$(MAKECMDGOALS)" "clean"
-include $(DEPS)

P.S. Don't forget that Makefiles are sensitive to tab-spaces; if you copy/paste any of the above, make sure you check that all tab-spaces which were used are preserved. vim is your best bet for a competent editor in such cases.