View Full Version : Flawless upgrade on Toshiba NB-100-11R

May 3rd, 2010, 12:12 AM
My Toshiba NB100 originally came pre-installed with 8.04 LTS and even has a 'Ubuntu Certified' case sticker, so I expected that jumping to the next LTS should be easy...

It was.

Simply burnt the image to a thumb drive, booted into the live mode, saw that everything worked and installed it. Everything that worked in 8.04 works here. Not a single problem!

Of course, you have to do a clean install though because the 8.04 supplied by Toshiba is disabled to only allow updates for 8.04 but not to upgrade. I did not need to install any 'Payson' packages and the once proprietary wireless driver is now not, so I have a totally non-proprietary system.

As well as looking nicer and booting faster there are other pluses. I can now upgrade in future without a clean install (if I want) and hopefully no longer have to put up with updates breaking the system - for example sound disappeared on two 8.04 updates (a finding found by many NB100-11R users) and the last update which pushed me to try 10.04 ASAP also made my webcam undetectable and the keyboard mapping all wrong. No such problems here now and I don't expect it.

So, if you have Toshiba-NB100-11R, there is absolutely nothing to lose. Backup your valued files and go for it. Totally painless. Of course you'll need add all the restricted stuff back yourself, but that's not hard.

EDIT: Only one thing doesn't work (that doesn't bother me): the function key to toggle wireless on and off. It always remains on.

EDIT: No, I was right in the first place - everything works. I was a bit slow!

July 26th, 2010, 09:27 AM
Yeah. I had a similar experience on my nb100-11r
The nb100 was unfairly slated on teh internets, its a great wee netbook.

although I think the atheros wifi driver causes the os to stutter, but overall very positive.

I swapped the atheros out for a 3dsp wifi/bluetooth card, upgraded the hard disk, and added 2Gb ram. I just need to get a bigger battery.

now my toshiba goes everywhere with me :)