View Full Version : This is so upsetting. (imeem/lala/other streaming services)

May 2nd, 2010, 10:17 PM
So, a few months ago, imeem.com shut down and got absorbed into MySpace music, which only adopted about 5 out of 100 songs and playlists I'd put together. This was without notice.

So, I was a digital music refugee, and I eventually found a site I really liked- lala.com. They would allow you to purchase and download mp3s through several sources, one being the iTunes store.

Well, today I get an email that, after five years of service, lala.com is shutting down. And, not only that, but any credits I have for their service will automatically be credited to an iTunes store account.

This is so ironic, I can do little but laugh my can off. At least they gave a month's notice, but I really don't like where all these services are going. It's just not right.

So, for now, I have playlist.com and Grooveshark. But, compared to imeem, these services have limited selection in music, and none of them have video like imeem did.

And of course, they're all flash-based. I'm seriously considering starting a streaming site that uses ogg/ogv and HTML5. This just seems so absurd to me. Anyone else have web services or sites that were very high quality that, for one reason or another, just dropped off the face of the Earth?

I don't mean to complain, but only to say I'm upset with how things are going. The last company I should be getting my purchases credited to is Apple. This exclusivity is killing me.