View Full Version : [ubuntu] Java plug in needs fixed-complaint

May 2nd, 2010, 02:53 PM
I just upgraded 3 of my 5 computers to Ubuntu 10.4, went so smooth I couldn't believe it. First upgrade I've ever done with Ubuntu that didn't need extensive research to fix issues... Kudos to Ubuntu, things are getting easier. But Firefox 3.6 wouldn't load any Java (I couldn't get folders to view with Webmin) I spent hours last night trying the download and fix from Java site with RPM, and this morning I got an idea and wouldn't you know it, I went to the add programs and OpenJDK is the default now, yea good or open source but Iced Tea needs to be installed to work. Ugh, such a simple fix and how many users are struggling with this??? Why didn't that auto install when I upgraded? It needs to get in the list.

close everything, open the software center, search Java, and install icedtea java plugin

I'm really digging the new 10.4, The look is pretty sweet!