View Full Version : [ubuntu] [Lucid] iPhone Quirks and Slow transfer

May 2nd, 2010, 02:47 PM

I'm really excited to see iPhone support under Lucid Lynx. And installed Lucid when it was released.

It all seems to function properly but I do have some issues. And i'm wondering if anyone else has these and if there are solutions.

1) Sometimes I get dbus errors. This is fixable by connecting the iPhone to another USB port but still it's annoying

2) When the laptop goes into sleep and wakes up again the iPhone isn't automatically reconnected. However Rythmbox still shows the iPhone as connected as well as it's still there on the desktop. Doing anything with it however creates huge amounts of errors (which is logical since it isn't really connected)

3) Connecting the iPhone to the system works. But when opening Rythmbox it disconnects the device. I then have to reconnect.

4) Transfers to the iPhone seem extremely slow compared to native iTunes on Windows about 2x slower

And just a general tip here. If you are dual booting and decided to automically sync your iPhone on windows. Remember that it will remove ANY of the transfers you did via Ubuntu. :lolflag:

Anyone recognize any of the above? And maybe have some tips?

Thanks....Lucid Lynx FTW