View Full Version : [SOLVED] Will filters work on Sent items in Evolution?

May 2nd, 2010, 09:18 AM

I have tried to set up filters in the Sent folder of Evolution. I created a sub folder called Friends and then a further sub folder called Janet.

I set up an outgoing mail filter based on recipient and then chose to move the mail to Sent/Friends/Janet.

It did not work.

I can set up incoming mail filters successfully in a similar way using Inbox/Friends/Janet and chosing to move the mail to that folder based on a sender filter.

Any ideas why I cannot set up mail filters for outgoing mail?

I can. What I can't do is set up Sent filters and then Select All of my Sent folder, apply filters and expect the mail in Sent, subject to filters, to move. However, after setting up the filters any subsequent mail sent is subject to the filters. I just have have to manually move items in Sent that were there prior to setting up filters. Weird but true!