View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problem with Flash

May 1st, 2010, 07:01 PM
Hey guys, I'm having a problem that apparently is pretty common but i couldn't find a working solution anywhere, maybe there isn't one but it's worth trying the Forums :D

I just installed 10.04 today (clean install) and I'm having some performance problems, mainly with flash on youtube, i have to watch the videos in 360p or they'll some times start stuttering, if i see them in 720p they'll stutter even if I'm not in fullscreen, in fullscreen I'll watch them frame by frame.

I tried to install flash in a bunch of different ways, and tried installing a bunch of different versions. None made it better. I then tried to use Chromium and Chrome and it got a bit better, but still not as good as it should be.

Another thing is the CPU usage, some times i see it just glue to 100% for a youtube video :/

Overall the system seems kinda slowish, it doesn't seem as it's going at full speed which is strange since I'm used to see my ubuntu run smooth with every graphical enhancement on.

I did install the proprietary GeForce drivers from Synaptic, the latest ones.

My System:
CPU: Pentium 4 @ 2.8Ghz With Hyper-Threading
GFX: GeForce 6800 GS 256MB 256bit
Mem: 1GB DDR

Well, thank you in advance for your help.