View Full Version : [ubuntu] Lucid Lynx - Installation fails

May 1st, 2010, 01:13 PM
Ok ... i have the Lucid Lynx, release candidate on my computer,

First of all - do I NEED to install from CD/USB to upgrade the distro.

Update-manager -d seems to think i already have the latest version.

Anyways, i have a separate home folder, so I decide to download the torrent and use a USB stick to install the latest version. When i start the installation, I get this message and there is no progress at all after that

the message is "getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id(0)" :confused:

Quite perplexing, I think the copy on the USB stick is good, because when i try the live-cd aspect of it, on my laptop it works perfectly.

I have a dual boot Desktop, G41M-ES2L Motherboard - NVidia 9600GT Video Card, unable to source the problem...

Any suggestions?

May 2nd, 2010, 07:38 PM
I have the same problem with two computers. On one of these computers, it ended up "working" on the second try (after a boot time of several minutes), but then everything was clunky. The computer would freeze. I used to praise Ubuntu for its stability, but Lucid Lynx seems more unstable than any version of Windows I've ever used. Even Karmic had a problem on one of our computers, where the cursor would disappear everytime a kernel upgrade was made, or it would mess with the graphic card's driver and using the old kernel only sometimes fixed the issue.

I would never use Windows again, though, so I may consider Fedora. I will give the fine folks at Canonical a chance, but I have yet to hear positive feedback on 10.04, with the exception of some of its new functionality and appearance (the latter of which is distorted on my Thinkpad). And well, the new features don't make up for the fact that what used to work perfectly no longer works at all. I'd love to help by declaring bugs, but to be honest, I wouldn't know where to begin.

Hmm, yeah, I'll begin here. The live CD doesn't even work (read: I get the same error as the OP). There. It worked once on one computer and crashed multiple times thereafter, and there was nothing I could do about it. Even in the CTRL+ALT+Fx terminals, I had errors. Should I put them on here? That would require me to attempt to boot from the live CD again, which could turn out to be a waste of time.

My conclusion: Hoary Hedgehog FTW. Harhar. :P