View Full Version : [ubuntu] Good news deserves to be shared too.

May 1st, 2010, 01:04 AM
Hey everybody,

after the few rants I unleashed upon this forum and now that the new installation of 10.04 did what it was supposed to do (not mess up my system + let me enjoy my computer once again) I find myself obliged to also write something on the forums as well...

What I did this time is overwriting my old Ubuntu (it was broke anyways, I broke it myself, no blame to Canonical), I was a bit shaky when the grub-install line passed by at the installation, was a bit worried when the installer crashed, but all by all I'm quite impressed with the advance made in those small 6 months,

thumbs up guys.

I also found an alpha flash plug-in for 64b,
music got imported in a jiffy
and, once more, I could actually boot after installation, my greatest concern, a blocking issue that is resolved...